Helmet Registration


CORSA is pleased to offer you online registration for your new CORSA helmet. By completing the form below within 7 days of you purchase date enables you to quality for the CORSA PROMISE helmet replacement program. Please be sure to keep your helmets invoice and proof of purchase.


At Corsa we care about your safety so much that if you have damaged your helmet during a crash or bicycle accident, you can apply for our Corsa promise scheme by emailing info@corsahelmets.com.cn to apply for a replacement Corsa helmet free of charge. In order to qualify for the CORSA PROMISE scheme simply register your new CORSA helmet within 7 days of purchasing.


1. The Corsa Promise helmet replacement policy only lasts for 3 years from the date that the helmet was first purchased.

2. Consumer must register helmet on our website within 7 days of the purchasing date.

3. Only a crash when riding bicycle can get the opportunity to replace new helmet, other status can’t get such a priority;

4. If Corsa accepts the consumers application of replacement, Corsa will provide a new helmet of the same price as the existing helmet.

5. All old helmets need to be returned back to CORSA at the expense of the customer.

Product Registration FORM

Attach Photo of Helmet Serial Number

N.B. Your Helmet’s Serial Number can be found on the “Corsa Genuine product sticker” on the inside of your new CORSA helmet.