Sophisticated Safety

Product Relase POSTED: 15.05.2014

There is a simple beauty to the design of the Corsa FX Thunder. It’s soft curves and tapered back are an understated yet sophisticated design…

But it is the configuration of the vents that set this helmet apart. The vents have been positioned to let air into the helmet at no matter which angle you turn your head. The vents on the sides have been aligned from front to back to allow air to flow through the helmet. After all, allowing air out is just as important to keeping your head cool as allowing air in. However, for Corsa, sophisticated design and clever ventilation is not enough. Safety is the main reason helmets exist. All Corsa helmets are tested to and pass the rigid safety requirements of the European Union EN-1078 test standard. To learn more about this standard, you can watch the Corsa helmet safety video. Because the FX Thunder has a lot of vents… and specifically large vents located low along the sides of the helmet. Corsa’s focus on safety means our engineers needed to use an additional bit of safety technology that we call a butterfly. A butterfly is a 3 dimensional frame that is imbedded into the EPS during the molding process. The butterfly further reinforces the EPS and helps keep the helmet’s structural integrity under impact. The FX Thunder also has a micro adjustable fit belt. Easy to use strap dividers with integrated strap anchors and an American ITW Nexus buckle. For comfort, we have included a chin pad and fits pads inside the helmet made from a high tech material to help keep the rider cool. The front vents are covered by a mesh to keep insects out and the FX Thunder also comes with a detachable visor. The FX Thunder… its Safe and its Sophisticated… and only from Corsa