The Ultimate Road Helmet

Product Relase POSTED: 21.05.2014

The FX sprinter is a truly beautiful helmet. It’s the ultimate road racing helmet. Beyond its beautiful lines and multiple vents, one of the things you notice most about it is how lightweight it is.

In fact, when we designed this helmet, we had three criteria in mind, number one as light as possible, number two which is always a requirement of Corsa is that we will meet or exceed the rigid safety requirements of the CE testing standard, and third we wanted to make the helmet affordable. We want everybody to be able to own one.

When you look at FX sprinter, I want you to pay close attention to its structure. The material is polycarbonate inmoulded with EPS. And the way the design works, its that a series of interlocking arches and bridges that forms the external frame. This gives us the ultimate strength to weight ratio.

In fact at any one point, the helmet is strong. But the shock is actually distributed through the framework of the helmet. It really is a genius design. To make the helmet even more lighter weight, there are a few tricks we could have done. For example if you read the testing standard, in the back of the helmet, they don’t impact that below a curtain line. So you could remove all this material. But based on the the feedbacks from our riders, we chose to keep the coverage at the back extended. This is really for 2 reasons. Number one, obviously if you cover more of the head, it is a safer helmet. And secondly, the extended coverage makes the helmet fit more securely and more comfortably on your head. I think you will find it to be the most affordable safe lightweight helmet in the market.